Who is thelaserlars? Let me tell you a short story.
Years ago I created many small prototypes and spent countless nights to build crazy things. My favorite tool: A professional laser-cutter. Besides, I am a fast runner and can talk pretty fast. So one thing led to another and everybody calls me just thelaserlars. I am conceptually strong and have a very good aesthetic sense. My main strength is a broad knowledge of the entire design field, especially in the digital area. I try to think innovatively and learn something in the process. Better trying something new and progressive than doing nothing: Failure on a high level. I am interested in the connection of analog and digital media, from interactive installations to artificial intelligence: The phygital space. With my 3D skills I can perfectly connect both worlds. I am a generalist and try to be always informed about new technologies, trends and social change because all of them influence design in such a big way today.
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